DocUnity Document Capture
DocUnity provides a complete document capture solution that optimizes speed and accuracy while requiring minimal user intervention.

With DocUnity you can transform paper forms and documents into intelligent digital documents by adding relevant keyword data as your documents are scanned or imported. Keyword values can be manually entered, automatically extracted using OCR (Optical Character Recognition), or read from document barcodes. Additional document data can then be automatically extracted from your business application database. The document is then saved and cross-referenced with related documents for easy retrieval.

Whether you require a centralized scanning environment using a high speed document scanning configuration or a distributed environment using desktop scanners, DocUnity can be tailored to meet your document capture requirements. Additionally, DocUnity can import virtually any type of digital file or document such as faxes and emails.

Document Capture ScreenshotDocUnity Capture of a Picking Ticket using Barcode Recognition (Click to Enlarge)
Distributed Document Capture

Remote scanning is simple with DocUnity’s distributed document capture system. This advanced capability allows to you easily deploy distributed document scanning and indexing at remote locations using the Internet or your corporate intranet. Remote document capture eliminates the need to ship paper documents to a central site for scanning and processing.

  • Eliminate shipping costs of documents to your corporate office
  • Prevent lost documents between sites
  • Decrease scanning requirements at central site
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Improve customer service

Example Use Case:
Remote offices scan vendor invoices they are received in the branch location. The scan operator at the corporate location verifies the invoice keywords are correct and saves the documents in DocUnity. The Accounts Payable representative at corporate can then set the invoice up for payment in your ERP system.