DocUnity Document Retrieval
DocUnity’s document retrieval system delivers the capability to find business critical documents quickly and easily.

The document retrieval interface provides powerful search capabilities to quickly find and display your documents. While it can be used as a standalone viewer, DocUnity’s integration system allows you to launch the document viewer directly from your existing enterprise software. Rather than just a simple keyword search, the document retrieval module utilizes a powerful indexing system to automatically link other relevant documents for a side-by-side comparison. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, e-mail, fax, or print your document with a single click.

Document Capture ScreenshotDocUnity Document Retrieval Window with Search and View Options (Click to Enlarge)

Retrieval Features:
  • Comprehensive Search
    Search any combination of keywords, date ranges, or folders.
  • Related Documents
    The “Related Docs” tab automatically populates with other relevant documents.
  • Logical Folder Searches
    With a single search retrieve all of the documents that relate to a single transaction.
  • Multiple Document View
    Compare documents side by side for shipping or payment discrepancies.
  • E-mail, print, or fax any document
    The docUnity viewer interfaces directly with Microsoft Outlook or any MAPI system.
  • Document Workflow
    Configure workflows and route documents for approval using the DocUnity Workflow application.